Helping you Connex

It’s not just a name. Whatever your needs, our large team of connection specialists will work to find you a solution.

We understand that for some, just the words ‘telecommunications’, ‘electrical’ and ‘audiovisual’ can sound all too hard. But we get it. At Connex Solutions we provide installations, preventative maintenance and breakdown assistance that gives you the best outcomes, while speaking your language.

It is said the maintenance costs for the life of a building can be between 60-85% of the overall term of the building including construction. We appreciate the right decisions need to made in these times to ensure the return on the investment is maximised and capitalised.

With a focus on the corporate and commercial sectors, we prioritise safety, intelligent design and energy-efficiency for your place of business. We do not pretend to be something we are not and find honesty is the best policy.

Connex Solutions is an Australian owned and operated business since 2008 with an in-depth experience in the industry. Whatever your issue, the chances are we have seen it before. And if we haven’t then we are driven to provide you with a solution that works for your unique circumstances

Our unique position is the fact we can tailor make our company to suit yours. We are privately owned and operated means we can make decisions with our clients to understand your needs and can then offer a service that is safe, professional and efficient.