Our focus as a business working within professional industries is to maintain a safe working environment for our staff, your staff and your assets. Our current electronic systems can manage our staff externally and ensure they comply with all Statutory Regulations and Compliance. Continuous training of our staff is critical in providing a safe work environment – their education and professional development is the key to our success.

We invest in our staff with a formalised Health, Quality, Safety and Environment (HQSE) Committee that allows input from all staff and ensures an accountable and regulated workforce. We have regular toolbox meetings to ensure a cascade effect of information and education is maintained.

Implementation of an electronic cloud-based Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) ensures each employee completes all appropriate inspections to site before works commence. Our staff have access to all Policies and Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and company specific forms in the palm of their hand.