At Connex Solutions, we believe in the power of education and are passionate about nurturing the next generation of connection specialists. Through ‘Connex Schools’ Program, we work with students from high school onwards to provide specialised education pathways, demonstrations, workshops, training, and further education in the electrical industry.

For those students who show a keen interest in the area, being able to provide first-hand experiences can illuminate a career pathway they may not have otherwise considered or thought possible.

We also strive to put driven students in to work experience positions within our ever-growing company; or connect them to other businesses and organisations in our extensive network, where we think their skills could be developed further.

By fostering those who are motivated to succeed, we provide apprenticeship pathways with a view to permanent employment either with Connex Solutions or a suitable partner business. Once completed, our apprentices are licensed in both electrical and telecommunications services.

For more information, chat to our friendly team on 1300 376 123 or email